About me

Hey ya’ll my name is Jackie nice to meet you! I may be just a little Puerto Rican from the Bronx, NY but I dream big and reach for the stars!
As a child I bounced around from NYC to upstate NY to Texas (thus still saying ya’ll).
I’ve finally settled down a bit in my home town Glenville, NY. I bought a house and a puppy- the cutest white fluff ball you’d ever meet!
I started the “domesticated” lifestyle that most would do at the age of 28. But soon my self-satisfaction of my big purchase dissipated and I was again longing for something more.
I realized, although I’d love to settle down, I wasn’t ready. And refused to except that I had to succumb myself to societies “picture-perfect life”.
I had what I like to call a quarter-life-quest (not to be confused with quarter life crisis), and was determined to follow my dreams of traveling the world. Maybe not pack up my life and move across country but see as much as possible within my means.
I’m never happier than when I’m traveling. I strive for those breath taking moments of natures beauty and inspiring memories of lifes adventures.  I love it all from that belly tickling flight take off, the smell of crisp hotel sheets to meeting foreigners and emerging in new cultures.
Which is how Determined Diva Travels was born. I’ve gotten a few negative comments on the whole ‘Diva’ thing. No I’m not saying I’m a high maintenance snob, I’d like to refer to Beyonce’s lyrics: “Now Diva is a female version of a hustler.” I’ve been dealt some crappy cards in life but through it all I’m still standing, and completely own it.
I’ve created this blog to share my adventures, my tips to budget travel and everything I experience and learn along the way. I hope to inspire others, and especially those who have dealt with lifes struggles to keep following their dreams!