You’ve been looking forward to your vacation all year. Planned your itinerary to the T and saved money by booking your trip well in advance. The last thing you want to do is have a miserable flight! Some things are unavoidable, like being seated next to a screaming baby. But if you prepare and pack accordingly you will have a better chance of walking off your long haul flight ready for your next adventure.

You don’t snooze you lose


Some may suggest to tire yourself out so you can sleep on the plane, but rarely will you get a full 8 hours of un-interrupted rest. Think about it, you’re in an upright position, there are loud noises everywhere and depending on your seat you may get asked to get up a ton of times by that woman with a weak bladder. So getting your sleep the night before will ensure you to be well rested by the time you land.


Lift things up and put them downworkout

Your flight is going to be hours and hours long, with very little movement. If you hit the gym the night before, you will be prepared for those eating out of boredom moments and you’ll feel better in general

Pay up or suck up

Avoid that inner mental breakdown of getting stuck in the middle seat and shall out a little extra dough to pick a seat you prefer. Window seats have a nice option to rest your head on the side, and also have a sneak peak of your destination.

Get in the zone


Remember that screaming kid sitting next to you situation? Well having noise cancelling headphones are a life saver in those moments! And I recommend spending a few extra dollars on a decent pair! For more must have travel gadgets:

Skip the Buzz


As tempting as it is to have a few glasses of wine to relax during your flight, it is wise to skip it. For starters alcohol leaves you dehydrated and not feeling your best, not to mention one too many will leave you with a headache or hangover and that’s definitely not a way to start your vacation.

For Your Entertainment

Make sure to have movies and games fully downloaded to your laptop or phone. Some budget airlines now don’t even provide a movie on long-haul flights so make sure you bring your own! Not to mention all the necessary chargers.

Extra comfort goes a long way


You know those funny looking neck pillows? Well who cares how funny you look if you can get some much needed rest. Even a footrest can go a long way, anything to keep you comfortable and off the cranky meter by the time you deplane!

Amenity Kit


If you’re not fortunate to fly where they provide amenity kits, make sure to bring your own. Those french onion chips you had for lunch may leave your breath a little rough, be kind to your neighbor and brush your teeth and freshen up! And after hours of stuck on a stuffy plane you will want to freshen up a bit, but make sure all items are travel sized!

Care-free ensemble

Leave the diva at home when you are traveling many miles, you’re never going to see these people again. Tight jeans and high heels will be extremely uncomfortable in already tight quartered planes. Go for the convos and multiple layers. I’ve experienced hot stuffy planes to freezing cold, it’s best to prepare for both.

Stay Hydrated

When the stewardess walks by with the snack cart, ask for two cups of water, or better yet bring a bottle. Yes you might make more bathroom trips but staying hydrated has way more benefits.

Now you should be prepared and ready to book your next flight! For ways to get cheap flights:





  1. This is such a handy blog post! I’m bookmarking it! I have some travel coming up and I know this will come in handy. Thanks for all the tips. Is it bad I want the footrest for my desk at work?

    1. One Determined Diva September 9, 2016, 3:32 pm

      I’m so glad! And hahaha not at all, I actually have a footstool myself! #shortpeopleproblems 🙂 xo

    1. One Determined Diva September 9, 2016, 5:39 pm

      Very true, I typically toss and turn the night before, but definitely make the attempt! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xo

  2. I actually love long flights – you don’t have anything to do but relax! But I know a lot of people have trouble flying so these are great tips – sharing it on twitter! 🙂

    1. One Determined Diva September 10, 2016, 8:34 am

      Thanks for sharing Sheena! I wish I loved them! I’m good for about a 6 hour flight, but any longer I do get some anxiety after a while, I’m not a sit-still kind of person. 🙂

  3. Great tips! I make sooo many trips from Delhi to the US that are 20 or more hours. I’d have to add to ask for a bulkhead seat or a wing seat – those have the most leg room especially if you are tall.

  4. Great tips and suggestions. Long haul flights can be brutal to the body and knowing how to cope will make the experience much easier. Some flights nowadays have exercise videos on the screen 🙂 Keeping hydrated is an absolute “must.” Thanks for sharing.


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