Los Andes Restaurant(Providence,Rhode Island)- Foodie Review

Los Andes turned out to be a delightful surprise during my road trip to Rhode Island, and one you won’t want to miss if you’re visiting Providence. The authentic international dishes and inspired specialty cocktails truly makes this restaurant a one of a kind experience.Los Andes is named after the stretch of mountains throughout South America, which is how their diverse menu was born.

Nitty Gritty

So lets get straight to the point, the main reason we dine are for the main dishes right? Everything else is an added bonus that makes your meal more of an experience than just treating your taste buds.

My main dishes were:

Lomo Saltado- $12.95

los andes

A traditional Peruvian stir-fry style dish. If you have ever been to Peru, you know this dish served at Los Andes is spot on. And if you haven’t, the fresh flavors in this dish will leave you feeling like you’ve taken a trip around the world. Think tender sirloin meets oriental style marinade topped with Spanish garnish and thick southern style french fries!

Envuelto de Pollo-$14.95

Envuelto de Pollo

The intricate detail put into this dish again shows the authenticity and the love poured into what’s served at Los Andes. What makes this dish is the unique and flavorfulΒ aji amarillo cream sauce that should be included with every bite.

Tip: Order the cheese rice, pairs well with this dish. Also take advantage of the spicy salsa (called rocoto) and lemon provided during your meal. If you can’t handle the hotness, definitely squeeze the lemon over, it helps cut the spice and adds to the flavor.


spicy pisco

Now I wish I took a picture of the drink menu, which is lit up -a pretty cool feature. So I don’t know the specific names of the drinks, but this was a Spicy Pisco, a unique bitter spice drink, topped with a volcanic salt.

los andes drink

The drinks are a little pricey for the amount of alcohol provided, but very tasty. I had a pomegranate martini, that had an excellent balance of liquor to flavor ratio and a nice refreshment to the spicy flavors of the meal.

Service & Seating

We made reservations a week in advance, which even at that point was limited availability for two people, so I highly suggest making a reservation far in advanced, the restaurant looked completely full with a line waiting from start to finish.One we arrive, we waited around 10 minutes which was to be expected since we were a bit tardy.

Service was excellent. Our waiter was very tentative and friendly. Even assisted us with questions about a local event we had. We were visited byΒ what looked like the restaurant manager about enjoying our meal which always seems to give a reassurance of the pride and responsibility the restaurant takes.


Vallet parking is provided for free which is an excellent feature, so take advantage since there looks like there is limited parking in the area.

The cuisine and drinks as shown above has this elaborate and sexy presentation that is surprisingly very affordable.

los andes outside

The inside decor could use a little lift, it has a very generic feel, but the outside patio surrounded by a pretty garden is a great option on a nice day.

5 stars

Overall I give Los Andes 5 stars, a delightful treat I hope to one day go back again to.

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